PDX ~ The Best Airport in the USA


People are friendly.
It is clean.
Voices on the intercom welcome you to Oregon and wish you a safe departure.
And it has free wireless.

I must add that my sister is the commissioner! 🙂

7-5/365 ~Nancy

P.S. A very special thank you to Diana and Mike for making Taylor’s and
my visit with you and Mom (Grandma) so memorable.
It was an unforgettable stay.


3 thoughts on “PDX ~ The Best Airport in the USA

  1. It was a fun time. Nancy you are fun to cook for…because you eat anything and like it. Taylor, I’m glad we got to know you and good luck at Mizzou. You both are welcomed back anytime.

  2. On behalf of PDX, thank you for the vote of confidence. The Port of Portland works very hard to make your first and last impresssion of Portland a positive one.

  3. I’ve been traveling a lot. Airports with great services can truly make your trip a whole lot better. Traveling can be a hassle sometimes.

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