May Basket


What a wonderful surprise to see this little handmade basket of May Flowers hanging on my door when I got home from school today.?? While I have no idea who my delivery person is…my daughter informed me the basket had to have come from someone in Mrs. Surma’s 2nd grade class.?? As I was wondering how in the world she knew this, she told me that she had made the same basket last year when she had Mrs. Surma for a teacher.?? On Monday I think I will pay Mrs. Surma’s class a little visit to see if I can find my mystery “Maydayer”.

Happy Friday!

4-30/365 ~Shannon

PS…That is the school where I teach in the door’s reflection…and you may also see a little of me in the doorknob. 😉


Hidden Lily


The Lily of the Valley is Shannon’s favorite spring flower,
and these flowers have been growing in our garden for as long as I can
Amy, who grew up in this house during the 1930’s, remembered them
growing in the side gardens when she was little,
and were one of her favorites, as well.
4-28/365 ~Nancy

…I shall Grow Purple


There is a poem written by Jenny Joseph that begins…

“When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple
with a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves.”

Although close, I am not quite collecting a pension,
and although close, I have yet to wear purple.
So until then, these flowers will have to do.
4-27/365 ~Nancy

New Beginnings


As hard as it is to believe, twenty years ago one of my eighth grade
students gave me this coffee mug for a Christmas present.
I still see Melissa in the halls since she now works as a reading
teacher in my school.

We have been excitedly waiting for Melissa’s first baby to arrive,
and this morning I was able to send her a message of “Congratulations”
when I saw on Facebook her new son, Cole.
How wonderful to see the pictures of her parents and family and to read
the messages from former students.

My children are long gone, and even though I am a “working mother”, I am
without diaper bags and bottles.
Possibly this mug needs to be “re-gifted’?

4-25/365 ~Nancy

Healthy Eating By the Ounce


We spent the day in Chicago Area Lisle at the ICE COLD Spring
Not only did we enjoy presenting to a great bunch of teachers, but we
also made a trip to our favorite grocery store that included lunch.
Bon app??tit!

4-24/365 ~Nancy and Shannon

“Band Line Up First”


… And that’s my way of solving the problem of forgotten instruments.
Today was our spring all-school fifth grade band concert rehearsal,
and half of my students are members of the band.
It was a joyful sound compared to the August “squawks and squeaks” that
were heard coming from the band room.

4-22/365 ~Nancy