Christmas Wine


With a full moon, I set out for our pond and a night shot.
The moon left me, and the temperature dropped ten degrees, or so it
When I returned, none of my shots were “worthy”, but still I learned so

So with this evening behind me, it is time to enjoy a glass of Christmas
I was told by my mother that it needs to be sipped warm.
A nice way to remove the chill…

2-27/365 ~Nancy


Bourbon Street


Today Shannon and I presented at ICE 2010 in St. Charles, IL. As we
walked away from the conference room, we felt a little of the spirit of
Mardi Gras.

2-26/365 ~Nancy

Colorful Classroom Management


It’s time for “Breakfast Club” with Weekly Readers again. I love the
color of these stacked cups. They not only brighten up our day, but they
help with choosing discussion groups. Each student is randomly given a
cup, and after they have read, enjoyed their breakfast snack and drink,
they form groups according to the color of their cup to share and
discuss their favorite story. We all look forward to this activity, and
the room is seldom as quiet.

2-25/365 ~Nancy

Faded Letters


Whenever I pass this building, I wonder which pioneer began this
business, and when did it finally close its doors.

That might be an answer to find some rainy summer day at the library.

2-24/365 ~Nancy


African Sun


This is one of my favorite projects that our Fifth Graders do for Black
History Month. This picture caught my eye since we are all looking for a
piece of the sun and warmer weather.

2-23/365 ~Nancy

Night Lights


Not of the big city…

but from the room off the front porch where I sit and work. With snow
flurries in the forecast, it even looks warm.

2-22/365 ~Nancy

Thank You John

After school today I took a moment to snap this shot of the art teacher’s windows at our school.  Yesterday we had the pleasure of welcoming home Sgt. John Wright from Afghanistan.  The kids were so excited to line the streets in front of North Ward Elementary in order to give him a warm homecoming despite the freezing temperatures.  This local news clip says it all…

2-19/365 ~Shannon

Solar Reflections


In spite of 19 degree wind-chills, my students were very excited to be
outside for a quick solar activity. They asked me if they could run to
the designated meeting place on the playground, and with my approval,
you could see their excitement to be outside. With 24 mirrors, we caught
the sun, aimed it at a small pile of snow, and waited for it to melt.
Trevor was happy to hold his perfectly still for a picture.

2-18/365 ~Nancy