The 365 Project

Shannon: “Mom, you need to write something, too, like a blurb.”
Nancy: “You mean I can’t just post a picture? I have to write something, too?”
Nancy (Thinking): This is going to be a lot of work. Seriously, a lot of work.”

And so it began the last day of December after we had made the decision to participate in The 365 Project. 
Within our Twitter network, we had both seen links to posts all through 2009.
Now as the 
year was drawing to a close, I saw the sense of accomplishment as participants were planning their last shot.

With each of our full-time teaching jobs, paired with our workshops and presentations,
neither of us wanted to commit to yet another thing. Together, we decided, we could do
this, and have fun along the way.

What is it?
Basically it is a commitment to take a picture every day for one year.

The reasons are limitless:

To reflect.
To learn…
about photography,
about art,
about yourself.
To grow.
To see things in a new light.
To be more aware of your surroundings.
And now this “writing thing”.

Fortunately I had just received a new camera, and after several years of taking digital
images using a Sony Mavika that was inherited through a grant project eight years ago,
I was a pro at the “auto shot”.

Well, maybe not a “Pro”,
but I was “good enough”.

Now with my new Canon, I had befriended the “green box” on the dial, and I was, again, good to go.

Shannon and I began shooting, posting, and, oh yes, “blurbing” about each picture.
Then our first comment:

“I love the pinecone shot!!! Just beautiful!!”

That certainly was motivation enough to continue to Day 2.
And so we continued.

We hope you enjoy our first year as we share our memories with you…


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