Happy New Year…


So I received this absolutely great camera bag from Shannon as a Christmas gift.
I had mentioned to her on one of our trips that I don’t carry a purse anymore; just a camera bag.
And Shannon remembers such things, and gives gifts that are always thoughtful and personal.

And then I received a new lens for my camera from my husband,
all within days of the conclusion of our 365 Project.

I was afraid all I had learned this year would be lost,
and that I would no longer look for opportunities to photograph.

So, I decided to continue with another project.
Shannon sent me a link to a post describing some possibilities,
but I had been following @dailyshoot on Twitter all year, and I was
Every day an “assignment” is given, and I have seen many of the photos
that were submitted.
Even though some of the personalization and spontaneity was lost, I thought this might be another way to grow.

This time I am going solo.
Shannon feels like she has closure with the year,
but I am hoping she will post as a “guest” when she sees something that interests her.
Also, it really isn’t a “365 Project”, so wherever this takes me, you are welcome to peek in from time to time, and to leave a comment when something interests you.

See you at Recess Moments ~ 2011

1-1-2011 ~Nancy


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