“Egg”cellent Fashion Show


Ok…I admit it.  This photo gallery is not about the “photography”.  I didn’t take multiple shots at different angles using a variety of camera settings.  I had 5 minutes before picking up my students from PE to snap as many 3rd grade egg costume pictures that I could capture…and believe me I wanted to get as many as I could.  They are too cute and creative NOT to share.

PS: My 3rd grade daughter’s is The Cannon”egg”. 

Do you have a favorite?

3-31/365 ~Shannon

Giving Thanks to Our Veterans


Tonight was our Annual Fifth Grade Musical, and this year’s theme was a
tribute to America and her veterans.
As the program concluded, veterans were invited to stand on the stage as
we saluted them and their commitment to serve.

Each one of our students made a special thank you card to present to a
veteran. These are some of the cards that found their way home with a

3-30/365 ~Nancy

The Hunt


It was stiff competition this year in the 7-10 year old age category at our local Easter egg hunt.  Here is the field BEFORE the hunt and the “capture” afterwards.  The hunt can be described in three words… cold, fun, and SWEET!

3-27/365 ~Shannon

Happy Trails to You


I was ten years old, living in California, and I had a huge crush on Roy

If I buy this, it will bring back a “western” memory and will make me
smile every time I go to our cabin.

3-26/365 ~Nancy

Strawberry Girl


Tuesday evening I was delivered a flat of strawberries that I had ordered from our high school’s FFA Club (Future Farmers of America).  This was their spring fundraiser and I have been looking forward to the delivery since I placed the order 6 weeks ago! Tonight was the night I went through the flat and decided which to eat now and which to freeze for later.
At one time in my life my parents thought I was allergic to strawberries.  I am SO glad that didn’t turn out to be the case.  This strawberry girl is lovin’ every bite!

3-25/365 ~Shannon

Cocoa Cafe


Tonight my class held its 4th Annual Cocoa Cafe’ poetry reading at Flesor’s Candy Kitchen.  The kids did a fantastic job designing PowerPoint slides and finding images to use as visual aides to have displayed alongside their poems as they presented their work to their family and friends.

Kids will be kids, however, and they had a blast making shadow figures on the screen after the reading was over and the ice cream was consumed.

3-24/365 ~Shannon


The Last 25 Pounds


No, we didn’t join Weight Watchers, nor are we looking to lose 25
(Well, maybe just a few…)

What this does represent is the last 25 pounds of pop tabs we needed to
reach our goal of one ton.
They will all be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities, and we are
so thankful to have the opportunity to be part of the solution, even it
is just a small part.

A special thanks to the students and staff at Riddle Elementary School
in Mattoon, Illinois.
You have big hearts.