Happy New Year…


So I received this absolutely great camera bag from Shannon as a Christmas gift.
I had mentioned to her on one of our trips that I don’t carry a purse anymore; just a camera bag.
And Shannon remembers such things, and gives gifts that are always thoughtful and personal.

And then I received a new lens for my camera from my husband,
all within days of the conclusion of our 365 Project.

I was afraid all I had learned this year would be lost,
and that I would no longer look for opportunities to photograph.

So, I decided to continue with another project.
Shannon sent me a link to a post describing some possibilities,
but I had been following @dailyshoot on Twitter all year, and I was
Every day an “assignment” is given, and I have seen many of the photos
that were submitted.
Even though some of the personalization and spontaneity was lost, I thought this might be another way to grow.

This time I am going solo.
Shannon feels like she has closure with the year,
but I am hoping she will post as a “guest” when she sees something that interests her.
Also, it really isn’t a “365 Project”, so wherever this takes me, you are welcome to peek in from time to time, and to leave a comment when something interests you.

See you at Recess Moments ~ 2011

1-1-2011 ~Nancy


No Turning Back Now!

We did it!
One complete year of pictures.
We took a picture, and we posted it every single day.
We feel a terrific sense of accomplishment, and we did it together!
I remember last Christmas break when Shannon convinced me to do the “365 Project” with her.
Within our Twitter network, we had both seen links to posts all through 2009.
As 2009 drew to a close, we saw the sense of accomplishment as participants were planning their last shot.
With each of our full-time teaching jobs, paired with our workshops and presentations, neither of us wanted to commit to yet another thing.
Together, we decided, we could do this, and have fun along the way.
I posted my first picture on January 1st, and Shannon immediately nudged me on the “Chat”.
Shannon: “Mom, you need to write something, too, like a blurb.”
Me: “You mean I can’t just post a picture? I have to write something, too?”
Me (Thinking): “This is going to be a lot of work. Seriously, a lot of work.”
And so it began…
This past year has been tremendous, and has been filled with many good things.
We have tried to keep our posts positive and to look for the good in each day.
Now we are ready to turn the page to a new year and some new challenges for both of us.
My son Brian just said the other day that we should not be afraid to fail.
And we are not.
Right now our biggest fear is failing to try.
This morning I honestly had no idea what to post, but put trust in myself to find the perfect picture.
Then, as I drove out of Shelbyville, I passed this sign on an alley, pulled over to park, and it became ours to post and to bring to an end a year of images.
With this picture, we look ahead in excitement, and we wish all of our friends and family, who have encouraged us and been loyal fans of our posts, the very best New Year wishes for days filled with promise and love.
12-31/365 ~Nancy