At first glance you may think that big yellowish-white ball in the sky is the sun.  After all, we haven’t seen it for a while, and it can get a little confusing this time of year. But as I headed west on my walk with Buddy this morning, that ball was actually the moon making its way down to meet the pink horizon.  It is good to stop and take in the scenery…even if it is only 11 degrees outside. Brrr….

1-31/365 ~Shannon

Hot Stuff


Spring cleaning finds unusual things in the basement…
and my son forgot that he had bought this when he found it in his.

A bottle of Blair’s 6 A.M. Hot Sauce Mega Death #801.
Complete with a “Use With Extreme Caution” label on the bottom.

Chili anyone?

1-30/365 ~Nancy

Incomplete Numbers


It was Friday and we had Art.
I found this painting on one of the tables, and our art teacher, my
friend Sarah, had been working on it when she discovered the time.

Later this afternoon, she found us in the computer lab to share her
finished piece.

As a classroom teacher, I do the same thing.
I find the time to do what I love, and it becomes teaching.
I read a story to the students.
I work on a new computer project with them.
And quite often I learn from them.
1-29/365 ~Nancy



I wish I had staged this picture, really.  Unfortunately, it is the bird’s eye view of my desk at school and it is very real.  And now as I finish the last bite of my apple from lunch, and type the last words of this post, it is time…  time to dive in and get it together!

1-28/365 ~Shannon

Give to Ronald’s House…


This evening we presented a training session at our Regional Office of
Nancy Schaljo, our professional development consultant, always
encourages our participants to donate their can tabs to the Ronald
McDonald Charities
Both Nancy and I each have a grandchild that has been impacted by the
help and support of volunteers providing shelter for our families at a
Ronald McDonald House.
My granddaughter took a break from her Kwakiutl Indian project to help
us with our workshop, and took a “moment” to donate a tab.

1-27/365 ~Nancy

Kwakiutl Indian Excitement


Wow.  I haven’t seen my daughter this excited about her homework in a very long time.  She has been working all evening putting together her “diagram” of the Kwakiutl Indian Tribe.  I asked her what kind of diagram she was supposed to make.  Her response…”You know…one of those shoebox ones.”  Obviously I figured out she was wanting to make a diorama and dug up a shoebox from the storage room for her to use.  Four hours later and she is just as excited.  I can’t wait to post the final product for you all to see.  I love to see kids excited about learning…especially my kid!

1-25/365 ~ Shannon

A Light at the End…


This morning we felt the sun…
for only a few minutes.
But it gave me pause, and I felt like maybe, just maybe,
it was the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of our daughters lives in Cape Cod,
and I am reminded of the ocean and sunny summer days each time I see
this souvenir hanging in my kitchen window.

1-24/365 ~Nancy

Friday is Art…


…and music.
And if I was ten, Friday would be my favorite day,
for those reasons.
I use to teach Art,
and I love the randomness of the art room.

22/365 ~Nancy