AshtonMarieSmith dot Com

This Christmas I bought my daughter her very own dot com.  Who knew that was already taken by the “voice over” guy that announces the previews to many of our favorite movies at the theater.  And it is a guy.  Honestly, when I named my baby girl, I had no idea that Ashton was ever a boy’s name.  (Sorry Ashton Kutcher, at that time you were only an underwear model with no name attached to that handsome mug of yours.)

Obviously it is pretty hard to tie a bow around a dot com.  So I did what all geeky teacher parents do.  I made her play hangman to reveal her gift.  And I can’t say that I was disappointed with her reaction; a big hug thrown around my neck.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like your very own dot com.  At least in a geek household. 

12-28/365 ~Shannon

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