Mr. Black


The very first time we took Ashton skiing, she was five. She referred to the big beginner’s hill as “Mr. Green”. We loved going down “Mr. Green” all day long. A couple years later she wanted to try “Mr. Blue”. While I was a little hesitant to allow her to go down this more difficult hill, I went ahead and gave in to the pleas and followed her down closely behind yelling, “Be careful,” and, “Watch Out!”

And this year, she is all over “Mr. Black”. She is loving the terrain park and the “chute of death”. Yes, my friends, my daughter and her father are referring to the hills they are skiing as “Devil’s Urine”, and I am not sure I like it. As we get off the chair lift, I head left, and they head right. You see, “Mr. Blue” is still my BFF.

12-27/365 ~Shannon

P.S. I find that I love skis the most as they are placed in the second picture while we rest between sessions.


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